Yeti & Frenz Genesis Collection is now here!

Yeti & Frenz Genesis Collection is here!!!

πŸ“’ Attention: The Yeti & Frenz Genesis Collection is Here! πŸ“’

The Yeti & Frenz team is thrilled to unveil the Yeti & Frenz Genesis Collection, a cornerstone of the Yeti universe, packed with exclusive perks and benefits.

🌟 Why the Genesis Collection is Special 🌟

The Genesis Collection features 5 OG Yetis that started it all. Each of these legendary Yetis is a stunning mosaic masterpiece, crafted from a unique 10k piece collection of Yeti & Frenz NFTs:

– Irate Pirate: The fiercest buccaneer of the high seas.
– Pop Punk Rock: The rebellious rocker with an attitude.
– Sgt. Shrapnel: The battle-hardened hero of the Yeti ranks.
– Y1000 Cyborg: The high-tech marvel of the future.
– Abominable: The majestic giant of the frozen wilds.

Each 24in. x 24in. high-resolution (300dpi) mosaic is designed to be a breathtaking work of art suitable for printing on poster, canvas, metal, or acrylic. With only 100 of each Yeti available, these pieces are as rare as they are beautiful. Eat your heart out, Beeple! πŸ˜‰

🌟 Perks of Holding a Genesis Collection NFT 🌟

– Airdrop Bonanza: For every Genesis Collection NFT held, 2 Yeti NFTs will be airdropped directly to the holder’s wallet during the launch and mint of the Official Yeti & Frenz Collection.

– Exclusive Access: Genesis holders will be the first to access special events, drops, and community perks reserved exclusively for them.

– More Perks on the Horizon: Genesis holders will be privy to additional rewards and benefits that will unfold over time. Stay tuned for more surprises!

πŸš€ Mark Your Calendars πŸš€

The Official Yeti & Frenz Collection is launching on **June 30th**, and this is the chance to secure a place in the heart of the vibrant Yeti community. The Genesis Collection isn’t just a piece of art; it’s a ticket to an adventure filled with unique rewards and unforgettable experiences.

Join the Yeti & Frenz team as they embark on this exciting journey and make history together!

πŸ—“οΈ Launch Date: June 30th
πŸ”— Time & Price: TBA

Let’s make some noise and show the world the power of the Yeti family! πŸš€πŸ‘Ύ